Information for EUROPARTNER® users.


1. Changed the selection of bolts and threads. Bolt and thread geometries are selected separately now. Loading older project records will result in the need to supplement the dBs, dB2, dB3 values ​​that were not used before.

2. The ratio m used in the ASME algorithm now has a value ≥ 2.0 for each non-completely elastomer seal. This is due to the provisions of the ASTM F3149-15 Standard Practice for Determining the Maintenance Factor (m) and Yield Factor (s). Loading Constants Applicable to Gasket Materials and Designs.


  • update 1.7.81 from 01-10-2020 is ready for download
    *Firebird 3.0 server is installed
  • update 1.7.80 from 29-06-2020 is ready for download
  • update 1.7.63 from 21-02-2020 is ready for download
    *UN thread dimensions
  • update 1.6.50 from 18-11-2019 is ready for download
    *Colors definition
  • update 1.5.40 from 12-04-2019 is ready for download
  • update 1.5.36 from 05-02-2019 is ready for download
    *Debbuger's view 
  • update 1.4.29 from 21-06-2018 is ready for download
  • update 1.4.25 from 04-12-2017 is ready for download
  • update 1.4.22 from 17-07-2017 is ready for download
  • update 1.4.20 from 26-04-2017 is ready for download
  • update 1.3.15 from 27-10-2016 is ready for download
  • update 1.3.10 from 14-07-2016 is ready for download
  • update from 21-06-2016 is ready for download
  • update from 30-05-2016 is ready for download
  • update from 05-05-2016 is ready for download
  • update from 20-04-2016 is ready for download
  • update from 17-03-2016 is ready for download
  • update from 28-02-2016 is ready for download
  • update from 04-09-2014 is ready for  download
  • update from 20-05-2014 is ready for  download
  • update 31-03-2014 is ready for download
  • update 24-06-2013 is ready for download
  • update 12-06-2013 is ready for download
  • update 11-08-2011 is ready for  download
  • we proud to announce that there is AD-2000 Merkblatt ready
    Calculation standard acoording to AD-2000 Merkblatt is already finished, so we encourage all of registered customers to update if necessary.
  • Our system EUROPARTNER® is going to present on event ACHEMA 2009 at Frankfurt am Mein dated at 11 - 15 May.
    You are welcome to visit us at A27 - A28 stand in hall 8.0
  • work on calculation standard AD-2000 Merkblatt is going to be finished soon
    According to specification routine has been devided to two seperate logic parts. First part is about calculation of flange joint with circle gasket type (inluding lens, membrane, oval, circle full face). The second one is about calculate non circle gasket (rectangular, oval and any form gaskets).
    We are on way of doing s tests our system and we think that new algorithm will be available within 2 month.
  • update from 01-10-2008 is available
  • Information about necessary database server updating.
    The newest versions of EUROPARTNER® program work only with the database serwer Firebird 2.x It is about necessity updating, by producer, not only thn program but also the database system. Unfortunately, the producer has no impact on that situation, it is no possibility to have a down up compatibility. So if a user of EUROPARTNER® software did not upgrade the program a few months it's possible the program, after the upgrade, will cannot work.
    To fix the error the user have to upgrade database serwer Firebird to version 2.x.x, but first uninstaling old version. It is necessary make sure that new version of Firebird will work correctly with any possible other software the user used to. The newest version of the Firebird you may dowload on: Firebird 2.x.x. The Firebird is absolutely free.
  • update from 19-02-2008 is available
  • EN 13445-3 Annex G algorism is available to purchase
  • update from 06-06-2007 is available
  • update from 14-02-2007 is available
  • to database added dimensions acc. to Polish norms series PN-87/H-74710/xx
  • There is possibility to purchase EUROPARTNER® application as concurrent licence with ont to three hardware keys for maximum 10 stands.
  • Please feel informed that verision of EUROPARTNER® software was launched.
  • The authors of the EUROPARTNER® program spare no effort to ensure the correctness of its operation, its computing functions, conformity of data recorded in databases with relevant standards and of any other program functions that affect the quality and accuracy of the operations performed with the program. Nevertheless, errors and inaccuracies might occur as in case of every technologically advanced product, here also IT advanced. Such situations might be caused by various factors, e.g. by faulty database server operation, interruptions in LAN operation, failure to make updates, etc.
    We encourage the users to carry out checks, at least random, of program operation, including generated result checks, in order to make sure that the obtained results conform to the applied algorithms and standards.